Low Pressure Barrel Pump Unit

Low Pressure Barrel Pump Unit

Brief Introduction:

Freon barrel pump unit is a low pressure circulating system which conveys low temperature refrigerant liquid to evaporator by the mechanical effect of bump. The unit is applicable for high precision refrigeration environment, such as food industry, chemical industry, ice making, etc.

Low Pressure Barrel Pump Unit Details


Main Parts:

Low pressure circulation barrel, canned pump, dry filter, low pressure oil collector, low pressure oil separator, electric heater, etc.

(1) Evaporator has high evaporation and heat exchange efficiency and good cooling performance.
(2) It enables long-distance liquid supply.
(3) The operation of the system is simple and reliable which makes it is easy to centralize control and make the machine automated. And the working condition in the refrigeration compressor can be improved.
(4) It is easy to defrost.
(5) Defrosting with hot fluorine which makes the machine energy-efficient.

Figure of boundary dimensions and installation dimensions:


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