Large Logistics Cold Storage for Fruits

Large Logistics Cold Storage for Fruits

This cold storage project include fruit storage rooms(2℃~8℃), fruit ripening rooms(0℃~50℃), fruit dispatching rooms(15℃), central fresh air system, etc.

Fresh fruit cold storage is to inhibit the activity of microorganisms and enzymes, extending a period of storage methods vegetable forever. Cold storage technology is the main way of modern low-temperature preservation of vegetables. Fresh vegetables temperature range 0 ℃ ~ 15 ℃, keeping storage can reduce the incidence and rate of fruit rot pathogen can also slow down the metabolic processes of respiration of fruit, which prevents the decline, extend the period for the purpose of storage. The emergence of modern refrigeration machinery to make preservation techniques can then be frozen after the fast, greatly improving the quality of fresh storage of vegetables.

Large Logistics Cold Storage for Fruits Details

Refrigeration Equipment:

Water Chiller Unit

Compressor Rack for Ripening

Customized Refrigeration System

PLC System

Condenser, Evaporator, PU panel, etc.

Customized Cold Storage

Dimension Length (m) *Width (m)*Height (m)
Panel Polyurethane insulation panel,43kg/m3, fire retardant
Foaming material BASF
Panel thickness 50mm,75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm
Steel cover Embossed aluminum, painted galvanized steel, stainless steel, PVC
Panel connection Cam lock type, use hexagonal key to assemble and disassemble
Type of door Hinge door, convex door, sliding door
Temp. of room -30~+20degree C, optional
Purpose of cold room Fruit, vegetable, flower, etc.  / frozen food, fish, meat ,chicken etc.
Refrigeration unit Copeland, Bitzer, GEA Bock, Frascold, Hanbell, FUSHENG,Sanyo, etc.
Refrigeration type air cooled / water cooled
Fittings All necessary fittings are included, optional
Place to assemble Indoor/outdoor(concrete construction building/steel construction building)
Voltage 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ optional

Room size type

Room Size




Volume Range




Temperature table for reference

Cold storage goods

Temperature range

Processing room


Fruit, vegetable, dry food


Medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material


Ice storage room


Fish, meat storage


Deep freezer


Compressor type and condenser

Compressor type






Air cooled

Water cooled



Panels information

PU Foam panel

50mm thickness

Processing room 10℃

50mm/ 75mm PU


75mm/ 100mm PU


100mm/ 150mm PU

-25C/ -35℃

150mm/200mm PU

Panel steel cover

SS, GI, aluminum, etc.

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