Full Set Integrated Cold Storage Refrigeration Unit

Full Set Integrated Cold Storage Refrigeration Unit

Full Set Integrated Cold Storage Refrigeration Unit Details

Product line and configuration:


Mid-Temperature Scroll Integrated refrigeration unit

Low-Temperature Scroll Integrated refrigeration unit

Mid-Temperature Rotary Integrated refrigeration unit

Low-Temperature Rotary Integrated refrigeration unit

Nominal power




Enhanced vapor injection/Spray


Enhanced vapor injection




Hot gas/On-demand

Condenser Fan speed control

Built in

Cold room Temperature control

Built in


Built in

Main road EXV

Built in

Four-way valve

Built in

Pre-charged refrigerant

Built in


Product Features:

1.Advanced Fuzzy-Control EXV module

Dual EXV control module (low-TemperatureUnit) with pressure sensor, greatly improved the unit cooling efficiency under all working conditions;

Accurate evaporation temperature, combined with fuzzy control, fast and stable super-heat control, the evaporator is controlled in the best range of use and can be automatically adapted even with large variations;

Maximum evaporator temperature control function (MOP);

When overheating is too low, the EXV will close-down quickly to protect the compressor suction liquid hammer;

Electronic expansion valve (EXV 1) is used in the main circuit. As when there is an injection, the EXV1 inlet refrigerant will be cooled down.Then sub-cool of condenser will fluctuate. Traditional thermal expansion valve reaction is too slow to react and the super-heat will fluctuate and the system efficiency will be sacrificed.



2.Intelligent Condenser Fan Speed Control

Condenser fan speed control according to condensing temperature;

Applicable to a wider range of ambient temperature;

More stable operation of the unit system;

Ensure the unit efficient operation different working conditions.



3.Intelligent hot-gas Defrost-on-Demand

Less energy consumption during defrosting

Autonomous entry and exit defrosting procedures, real defrost-on-demand;

Defrost time 70% (3-5 Min. each time of defrost);

Defrost energy consumption 80% less;

Hot-gas defrost, non-electric heating, high-efficient and 100% defrost;

Meet the requirement of complete defrosting in high humidity environment application.

Quick temperature recovery after defrosting

Automatic record the unit data before the defrosting, quick turn back to the proper working condition.

Stable Cold Room Temperature

Small cold-room temperature rise during the defrosting process;

Traditional unit 8-12 degrees, IUnit 3-5 degrees only.

Ensure oil return

Long running cycle forced automatic defrost to ensure oil return


Analysis result:

Take a 3HP unit as an example, saving at least 1 kWh per defrosting.

It saves an average of 4-5 kWh per day and saves more than 1500 kWh per year.


4.Easy Installation,Optimized Testing & Commission

Standard Installation

Simple install and error-proof Smart Optimization, Smart Start-up;

Start-up self-diagnostic function

Intelligent testing and commissioning process to ensure optimal operation;

Remote monitoring and maintenance module (optional).

Protection and self-Diagnostic

Provide possible causes of the fault and suggest troubleshooting procedures.

Complete Configuration

All-in design, including all necessary components and protections R404A refrigerant pre-charge.


5.Fully Packaged with Unit Coolers

Large air volume and area, 100% heat-exchange capacity;

All models with same fin space of 4.5mm;

Hot gas defrosting design, no fin electrical heater is required, only drain pan heater is needed;

High efficiency and reliability;

Easy install and all accessories included.


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