Evaporative Two Stage Screw Type Industrial Water Chiller

Evaporative Two Stage Screw Type Industrial Water Chiller

Main Parts:

Compressor, high/low pressure controller, condenser, dry filter, expansion valves, freeze protection switch, evaporator, water pump, water tank, float switch, ball valves, electric motor, fan, etc.

Cooling Condition:

Evaporator Inlet Temperature:  12℃

Evaporator Outlet temperature:7℃

Condenser Inlet Temperature:  30℃

Condenser Outlet Temperature: 35℃

Evaporative Two Stage Screw Type Industrial Water Chiller Details

Product Features:

1.The unit equipped with international well-known compressor, which is with high efficiency, low noise, minimal wear and tear, long service life, etc.;

2.The unit equipped with shell and tube condenser and evaporator which are made of high efficient finned cooper tubes;

3.The unit equipped with stainless steel water tank and high flow capacity water pump, with compact structure, easy to clean and maintain;

4.Multi-level energy regulation makes the unit suitable for varying cooling loads applications, which can maximize energy efficiency, minimize maintenance and operation costs.

5.The unit equipped with well-known brand PLC, electrics and high precision digital controller which directly measure cold water temperature accurately.

6.The unit has multi-protection for current overload, high or low pressure, freezing, over high or low temperature, phase order, time delay and water flow, and alarm indication function. 

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