Working Principle of Refrigerated Warehouse

Update:04 Dec 2017

Refrigeration system is a science and technology that s […]

Refrigeration system is a science and technology that studies the production and application of low temperature, as well as the change of the mechanism of biochemistry and other substances under the condition of low temperature. Cold storage is to provide low-temperature food storage warehouse. It has both the necessary cold working machinery and equipment, but also different from the refrigerated warehouse insulation surrounding building structure. To understand the cold storage and improve its utilization, we must understand the basic principles of artificial refrigeration, to understand its inherent laws in order to scientifically analyze and solve problems.

There are three methods of artificial refrigeration system: First, the use of physical changes; the second is the use of gas expansion to produce cold effect; the third is the use of semiconductor temperature difference point cooling. Commercial freezing is currently widely used is the first method. Here on the characteristics of commercial refrigerator refrigeration, steam compression refrigeration to discuss the general principle.

Single-stage compression refrigeration system works: It consists of refrigeration compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator components, and a pipe connected to form a closed system. When the refrigerant is throttled through the expansion valve, the pressure is reduced and enters the evaporator. The low-pressure refrigerant liquid absorbs the heat of the medium around the evaporator and evaporates. The refrigerant gas is sucked in by the compressor and compressed to the condenser, whereupon its pressure and temperature are increased. Refrigerant vapor at higher pressure and temperature is heat-exchanged with the continuous cooling medium in the condenser and condensed into a liquid. In this way, the refrigerant makes a cycle in the system. Refrigerant kept circulating in the system, the heat around the evaporator is being sucked away, the temperature dropped, which is the single-stage compression refrigeration system works.