Widespread use of refrigeration in the food industry

Update:08 Dec 2018

Nowadays, the dishes on our table are getting richer. I […]

Nowadays, the dishes on our table are getting richer. In the past, we couldn’t eat the fresh vegetables in the city, and it’s not a problem. These are all inseparable from the credit of refrigeration. Or those that we eat in our daily lives are not preserved in the cold storage. And we live in the city, we need the cold chain to help you eat seasonal fresh vegetables.
The definition of cold chain "Agricultural Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan" is said: fresh produce (meat, poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc.) after harvesting (or slaughtering, fishing) in the production area, in the processing of products The storage, transportation, distribution, retail and other links are always in a suitable low temperature control environment, to ensure the product quality and quality and safety, reduce losses, prevent pollution, special supply chain system.
With the growing demand for cold chain logistics of agricultural products, China has stepped up efforts to promote the development of cold chain logistics of agricultural products. In recent years, the continuous introduction of relevant national policies has created a profound policy environment for the cold chain logistics of agricultural products, which has promoted the accelerated development of the industry.
According to Kang Shijie, after China joined the World Trade Organization, foreign retail giants and food companies gradually entered the country, and they have strict standards for the procurement of fresh products, which puts higher requirements on the quality of domestic cold chain logistics services. It can be said that the integration with the international community has promoted the development of cold chain logistics.
In the cold chain, we often use water food quick-freezing machine, meat food quick-freezing machine, food fresh-keeping ice machine, food chiller, food cold storage, etc. The sales volume of these machinery in China has increased year by year, and the technology has also developed rapidly.