Why You Need China Cold Room

Update:09 Jun 2017

Commercial refrigerators are necessities for the cateri […]

Commercial refrigerators are necessities for the catering industry or any organization that deals with large food supplies. They provide important storage at optimum temperatures to keep food fresh, limit waste and meet the required safety standards. However, commercial refrigerators are not limited to edible products because they have a wider range of applications. They need to keep medical or laboratory supplies at the right temperature and are also used by plants and flower suppliers.

Industrial refrigerators can be extensive because they are designed to handle a greater number of goods. While the combined and modular rooms are mainly used for personnel access, the industrial refrigeration room offers a solution for bulk storage. Industrial rooms may require vehicular access, such as forklifts, transport cargo access. Due to different access and storage requirements, they may also require different design features such as pallet racks or wider doors. Industrial cold rooms will be made to measure to suit a customer's unique requirements and the space they have available.

When choosing a solution to keep the cold and cold storage cold, you must first decide whether you need to walk in a cold room or if the quantity of the goods is not enough. If this is the case, large commercial refrigerators can provide answers, become cheap alternatives, and take up less space.

The advantage of a walk-in room is that the merchandise is easy to access and the staff is more visible. The result is improved business efficiency and reduced waste because there is no unrealized product behind the cupboard.

In the choice of products, companies need to make another decision is how much insulation. Standard thickness is usually 80mm, but you can buy more design. Extra insulation is more expensive, but the cost is reduced due to room efficiency.

The thicker the insulator, the less heat enters the room, and therefore requires less power to maintain the correct internal temperature. This results in lower operating costs. It is estimated that the investment recovery period for a higher solution is about ten years old. This makes it a cost-effective option because the life of these products is usually between 10 and 20 years.

Also consider whether you need insulation floor. The medium and freezer rooms require an insulated floor to keep the product at the correct temperature; however, the freezer does not necessarily require. Floor-less room installation costs are lower, but the benefits of insulated floors are higher energy efficiency, which in turn means lower operating costs.

The height of the China cold room is also a consideration. The standard height is generally 2100 mm. Most staff will find it difficult to achieve higher than this high level of inventory. However, if you have a lot of inventory, you can build up to 2400 mm refrigerated rooms.