Why should such chemical plants choose explosion proof chillers

Update:16 Aug 2019

Among the equipment used in chemical plants, there are […]

Among the equipment used in chemical plants, there are used to store material measuring tanks, high-level tanks; heat exchangers for reprocessing materials, rectification towers, etc.; for chemical reactions such as polymerization tanks, reactors, and synthesis towers. Wait. Whether it is used to complete heat transfer, mass transfer and chemical reactions, or to store materials, a constant temperature is required to ensure material stability. Most companies choose a conventional chiller system to control constant temperature.

 However, due to the running, escaping, dripping and leaking of organic matter in some chemical factories, there are flammable gases in the air, and it is possible to reach the explosion limit in some places, so that the arc and spark generated by conventional electrical equipment can Detonate it. At this time, the conventional chiller system will also generate arcs and electric sparks during the operation, which will not meet the normal operation of the special environment, and will seriously affect the production and personnel safety of the enterprise.

Xiaobian is engaged in the design and construction of refrigeration equipment projects in chemical plants with 20 years of experience. For the inflammable and explosive production environment, an explosion-proof chiller system will be selected. The main controller of this explosion-proof chiller system is based on GB3836. 1-2000 "General Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments", GB3836.2-2000 "Explosion-proof Type "d" for Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments" and GB3836.3-2000 "Enhanced Safety Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments" Designed and manufactured according to the regulations of e", it can meet the special environmental production requirements.