Why is your cold storage cooling so slowly?

Update:25 Apr 2020

It is a common phenomenon that the temperature of the c […]

It is a common phenomenon that the temperature of the cold storage can't drop and the temperature drops slowly, but it is also handled in time to avoid more serious problems in the cold storage. Today, I'd like to talk to you about the problems and solutions in this area, hoping to give you some practical help.
Under normal circumstances, most of the above problems are caused by the user's irregular use of refrigerators. For a long time, the common phenomenon of refrigerators' failure has been formed. Generally speaking, the reasons for the temperature drop of cold storage engineering are as follows:

1. Problem: there are more air or refrigerant oil in the evaporator, so the heat transfer effect decreases;
Solution: please check the evaporator regularly and clean the garbage at the corresponding place.
2. Problem: the throttle valve is improperly adjusted or blocked, the refrigerant flow of Yantai is too large or too small;
Solution: check the throttle valve regularly every day, test the refrigerant flow, keep stable refrigeration, avoid too large and too small.
3. Problem: the refrigeration dose and capacity of the system are insufficient;
Solution: replace the refrigerant and improve the refrigeration capacity.
4. Problem: the efficiency of the compressor is low, and the refrigerating capacity cannot meet the requirements of the warehouse load;
Solution: if the above methods are tried, or the refrigeration efficiency is low, then check whether there is a problem with the compressor;
5. Problem: in addition, in the process of construction and use, the insulation and moisture-proof performance of the insulation material may be damaged, which may cause the insulation layer to be affected by moisture, deformation, or even erosion. The insulation and heat preservation capacity of the insulation material will decline, the loss of the cold proof capacity of the warehouse will increase, and the temperature drop of the warehouse will obviously slow down.
Solution: regularly use professional and technical personnel to test the thermal insulation materials. If any deformation is found, replace them in time.
6. Problem: another important reason for the large cold loss is the poor sealing performance of the warehouse, with more hot air entering the warehouse from the air leakage. Generally, if there is condensation at the sealing strip of the warehouse door or the sealing part of the insulation wall of the cold storage project, it means that the sealing is not tight.
Solution: regularly check the tightness in the warehouse, especially pay attention to the dead angle piece to see if there is any dead dew.
7. Problem: in addition, frequent opening and closing of the warehouse door or more people entering the warehouse together will also increase the cold loss of the warehouse.
Solution: try to avoid opening the warehouse door too frequently to prevent a lot of hot air from entering the warehouse. Of course, when the warehouse enters the inventory frequently or the purchase quantity is too large, the heat load increases sharply, and it usually takes a long time to cool down to the specified temperature.