Why is the chiller water system so important

Update:09 Oct 2019

The water system is an important part of the water-cool […]

The water system is an important part of the water-cooled chiller. The water system of the chiller is divided into two parts: cooling water and chilled water. These two parts are completely different, and the installation is completely different. The water system of the chiller So it's so important because both chilled water and cooling water systems are indispensable for chillers. Only two water systems are working properly to ensure the normal operation of the chiller water system! The following is a sequel to the stellar system to explain why the chiller water system is so important.

The chilled water system of the chiller is responsible for the operation of the chiller in the chiller, that is, the operation of chilled water. The cooling water system of the chiller is the most important part of the water-cooled chiller. Without the cooling water system, the water-cooled chiller cannot operate. How to install these two water systems?

In fact, for the box chiller, the chilled water tank is installed, that is, it comes with it. The company does not need to install the chilled water system after purchasing the box chiller. For non-box chillers, additional chilled water systems are required. This requires determining the size of the chilled water tank and the specific capacity. According to the specific conditions of the chilled water tank, it is equipped with relevant pumps that meet the actual needs of the chilled water tank. At the time of installation, attention should be paid to the inside of the chilled water tank. The individual components are intact.

If it is a cooling water system, it must be dedicated to the water-cooled chiller, because the air-cooled chiller does not need to use cooling water or water tower system. All water-cooled chillers do not bring their own cold water tower system, cold water. The tower needs to be purchased and installed. After purchase, the cold water tower should be installed on the roof and other places. It must be higher than the installation level of the chiller main engine. The higher the better, but the installation distance of the pipeline should also be considered, as well as the pump. Ability.