Why do you need a cold storage lamp in a cold storage

Update:19 Nov 2021

  (1) What is a cold storage lamp?  The cold storage la […]

  (1) What is a cold storage lamp?
  The cold storage lamp is a kind of lamp named in the form of the lamp's purpose. It is mainly used in places with low temperature and high humidity, such as freezing and cold storage, and where electric safety and environmental protection need to be paid attention to. The cold storage lamp is divided into two parts, one is the protective cover, and the other is the light source. The protective cover is mainly made of PP, PC, cast aluminum/glass, aluminum/PC, ABS and other materials; the light source is mainly LED cold storage lights.
   (2) Why do I need cold storage lights?
Common illuminators have many defects when used in cold storage, such as: large power consumption, low illumination, short life, poor sealing, which will cause air leakage and freezing of water in the cold storage lamp. Once a large amount of water accumulates Freezing can lead to short circuits and potential food safety hazards. In addition, ordinary lighting lamps are prone to cracking and damage when used in low temperature environments.
  Before the appearance of cold storage lamps, common incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps plus a moisture-proof lampshade were used for cold storage lighting, or explosion-proof lamps were used instead. With ordinary incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and a moisture-proof lampshade, this kind of configuration has a very high frequency of damage in the low-temperature cold storage! Even one is broken in a few days, and there are some large cold storages with a height of more than ten meters. Incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps cannot be used. Because the brightness is not enough, ordinary lamps cannot replace special lamps for cold storage.
The LED cold storage lamp solves these problems. The cold storage lamp can be used for a long time in the environment below -50℃, and has a long life. It has the characteristics of "moisture-proof", "dust-proof", "explosion-proof" and "low temperature resistance", and it has uniform illumination and emits light at low temperatures. Features such as good efficiency. It can be said that the LED cold storage lamp is a typical environmentally friendly, healthy and promising cold storage lighting source product, and it is one of the current light sources.
  (3) How to buy cold storage lights?
  The choice of cold storage lamp usually depends on the lamp power, irradiation area, voltage, material, waterproof level, working environment temperature, working environment humidity, applicable height, cooling method and other parameters to choose. The common usage scenarios of cold storage lamps are as follows:
  1, air-cooled ceiling cold storage lamp
   Ceiling cold storage lamps are suitable for use in air-cooled cold storages. Generally, 10-20W can be installed in small cold storages. Common shapes include round, oval, rectangular, square, etc.
  2, aluminum row boom cold storage lights
   Boom cold storage lights are suitable for aluminum row cold storage lights. This type of aluminum row boom is equipped with a boom standard of 20cm, which can be customized according to requirements.
  3, ceiling high penetration cold storage lamp
The transparent cover cold storage lamp has a strong penetrating power and is suitable for cold storage with high fog and high humidity, especially medium-temperature and low-temperature cold storage. However, its disadvantage is that it is dazzling, such as: when lifting the head to carry goods, it will be dazzling. Fit.
  4. Cold storage lights in cold storage production rooms
  The cold storage lamp used in the cold storage production room and the workbench generally has two types: milk white cover and transparent cover. The milk white cover is not dazzling, but the penetrability is not as good as the transparent cover cold storage lamp. Although the transparent cover cold storage lamp is dazzling, the penetrability is very good.
  5, other cold storage lights
  Of course there are other cold storage lights, such as floodlights, etc. At present, the above 4 kinds are mostly used in the market, and we can choose according to requirements. But no matter how you choose, the cold storage lamp must be resistant to low temperature, waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof, otherwise the lifespan will be short.