Why Choose Industrial Refrigeration from Chinacoldroom

Update:24 Nov 2017

They are processed and stored valuable and highly peris […]

They are processed and stored valuable and highly perishable products require storage temperature below the ambient temperature and a certain relative humidity, in some cases - air circulation and some air or even some gas environment.

The heat and moisture in the air tend to penetrate into the Refrigeration, creating a specially designed fence to reduce the heat and moisture infiltration inside the house.

The need for extensive transport of cargo and fast unloading requires the widespread use of transportation devices.

They have high hygiene requirements. Fridge can be classified according to various characteristics. Each type of Refrigeration has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account when designing and operating.

First, the Refrigeration is purposeful. This classification can best reflect the characteristics of the Refrigeration and its equipment. The existence of various refrigeration services is consistent with the implementation of continuous cold chain, that is, through the combination of different types of Refrigerations and mutual respect between them, the continuous influence of food from production to consumption of low temperature, even in the long The time of storage can also provide high quality products. As a result, some types of Refrigerations connect continuous cold chains. Follow this type of time Refrigeration.

Industrial Refrigerations are designed for a heat-treated (chilled) food product and in the area where the product is produced or harvested. They can buy food. Or the work of an independent company in place, such as fish (fishing) or poultry, eggs and other agriculture. This type of Refrigeration is characterized by a high-productivity sequence of devices for cooling and freezing for relatively small equipment for food storage. Due to the large manufacturing capacity of refrigeration equipment, Refrigerations have low boiling point refrigeration power.

Working Refrigerations of this type are characterized by mostly seasoned preparations of sharp, uneven, flat food. The basic Refrigeration is designed to create long-term storage of products from the Refrigeration to create a reserve. These Refrigerations are commonly used for cooling and freezing of large volumes of food storage and low performance equipment. The requirements of the Refrigeration to keep the temperature and humidity in the Refrigeration constant are also increasing. Port Refrigerations are used for short-term storage of goods such as water to iron and m, n.

Build such a Industrial Refrigeration at a river or seaport. Its characteristics are large quantities of cargo operations, operations, product testing sorting, providing special facilities. A particularly high level of mechanization must be cargo handling, especially loading and unloading of ships.