Whether maintenance can improve the life of the chiller

Update:14 Dec 2019

In fact, maintenance is required in many places, no mat […]

In fact, maintenance is required in many places, no matter the equipment or anything, it is indispensable. Similarly, maintenance is also an indispensable task for chiller units. Maintenance often occurs after a period of use, and then regular maintenance. This can effectively improve the usefulness of the device. So, can maintenance improve the service life of the chiller?

 The maintenance work of the chiller should be planned from the time of purchase of the chiller, and implemented after a period of use, and maintenance and maintenance should be performed at regular intervals. The specific conditions of each maintenance should be recorded in Case for review. First of all, the advantage of chiller maintenance is that it can largely prevent the chiller from being overhauled. When problems are found, they can be solved and large problems of the chiller can be avoided.

Does maintenance increase the life of the chiller?

The life of the chiller is not only related to the quality of its parts, but also related to the method of use and maintenance. Without maintenance or maintenance, the life will naturally decrease, and it will also lead to a high failure rate and the same coldness of the chiller. The amount of power consumed by the volume has skyrocketed. Exceeding the chiller load range, or long-term high load, full load operation, will also greatly reduce the life of the chiller. In general, maintenance of chiller is the top priority for enterprises to use chiller. Only with proper maintenance can it be able to Improve the chiller's service life, use efficiency, and reduce its failure rate.