What to do if the compressor suddenly stops during operation

Update:08 Oct 2021

What to do if the compressor suddenly stops during oper […]

What to do if the compressor suddenly stops during operation
1. The cold storage cooling effect of the cold air-cooled condenser is poor
【Fault Analysis】
① The fan is not turned on.
② The fan motor is damaged.
③ The fan is reversed.
④ The ambient temperature is high (above 40℃).
⑤ The condenser fins are blocked by oil and dust and the air does not circulate.
2. The heat dissipation effect of the cold storage of the water-cooled condenser is poor
① The cooling water valve is not opened or opened too small, and the inlet water pressure is too low
② The water control valve is out of order.
③ The scale on the wall of the condenser tube is thick.
【Method of exclusion】
Air-cooled: Use a wire brush to remove surface dust.
Water-cooled: Check the cooling water volume. Remove limescale.
3. Too much refrigerant is charged in the system
[Fault analysis] Excessive refrigerant causes the exhaust pressure to rise significantly, exceeding the normal value.
[Exclusion method] Stop the machine, and drain the excess refrigerant out of the system at the high-pressure vent.
4. There is residual air in the system
[Fault analysis] There is air circulation in the system, the exhaust pressure is too high, the exhaust temperature is high, the exhaust pipe is hot, the cooling effect is poor, the compressor runs shortly, and the exhaust pressure exceeds the normal value, forcing the pressure relay to act.
[Remedy] Stop the machine and release air at the exhaust valve hole.
5. Shutdown caused by low suction pressure
[Fault analysis] When the suction pressure in the system is lower than the setting value of the pressure relay, its contact action will cut off the power supply.
[Exclusion method] Check the cause and eliminate it: 1. Leakage of refrigerant. 2. The system is blocked.
6. The temperature controller is out of control
[Fault analysis] The thermostat is not adjusted properly or the temperature sensor is installed improperly.
[Exclusion method] Remove the thermostat to check its contacts, adjust, and adjust the position of the temperature sensor
7. Motor overload
[Fault analysis] 1. Too much food was put in the warehouse during use; 2. The power supply was abnormal.
[Troubleshooting] Reduce heat load, pay attention to changes in power supply voltage
8. Sudden downtime caused by other reasons
[Fault analysis] In the process of use and maintenance, it is often necessary to open and close the shut-off valves of exhaust, suction, liquid reservoir, etc. Sometimes the shut-off valve is not opened due to negligence, causing the exhaust pressure to rise sharply.
[Remedy] Stop immediately to prevent danger.