What should be paid attention to when choosing cold storage installation manufacturer

Update:02 Sep 2020

When there is a demand for cold storage installation, c […]

When there is a demand for cold storage installation, cold storage enterprises often consult several cold storage installation companies to determine the final appropriate construction party. The cost of cold storage is often compared, because this part is also greatly affected by the project budget. But, refrigeration engineer reminds: pure price comparison is meaningless, because the design scheme of each house and the selected equipment are different. Therefore, cold storage enterprises in the selection of cold storage safety
The installation company should make a detailed balance between the rationality of the cold storage design scheme provided by the other party, the quality of the selected equipment and the final cost.

The cost of cold storage usually includes the detailed list of cold storage insulation materials, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration pipeline, valves, control box, wire, cold storage installation cost, etc. It is worth noting that a high-quality professional cold storage design should not only consider the reasonable use of cold storage, but also take into account the later use costs such as electricity consumption, energy consumption, etc., so as to better improve the actual input-output ratio from the source.
Especially for the enterprises with large-scale cold storage construction demand, the reasonable and professional design scheme of cold storage is particularly important. At this time, we should add more details such as layout design, equipment selection, refrigerant selection, storage board selection and so on. For example, there are the following points for reference and comparison:
1. Whether the double platform design is adopted in the design of large cold storage. If the depth of the cold storage is too deep, it is necessary to consider both sides of the platform, because too deep cold storage depth will lead to the increase of forklift loading and unloading time, thus reducing the logistics turnover rate.
2. In addition, whether the number of unloading platforms is enough may be considered carefully in advance. The disadvantage of many large-scale cold storage operation in the later stage is that the number of unloading platforms is not enough, the number of loading and unloading platforms is frequent, and the number of platforms is insufficient, which leads to the waiting of refrigerated trucks, which will seriously affect the investment promotion and use of fresh-keeping warehouses in the later stage.
3. In the design of large-scale cold storage, attention should be paid to whether the foundation is properly treated. Under the influence of low temperature, the moisture in the soil is easy to freeze, which will cause the ground rupture and deformation, and seriously make the cold storage unusable. Therefore, the foundation needs to be insulated.