What should be considered before building a cold storage

Update:26 Aug 2020

What should be considered before building cold storageW […]

What should be considered before building cold storage
What should be considered before making cold storage? Many owners of cold storage do not know much about the cold storage, only know that the cold storage can store goods for a long time, but also do not understand how to make a cold storage, and do not understand the cold storage storage technology, so they will still find our professional refrigeration company to make cold storage. Today, I'd like to briefly talk about what aspects need to be considered before making cold storage?
The contents to be considered in cold storage production are as follows:
1. Confirm the type of goods and the quantity of goods stored?
2. Confirm the incoming temperature of the goods stored by yourself? What is the storage temperature of cold storage?

3. Confirm where the cold storage is to be made? Several factors should be considered in cold storage site selection
(1) Traffic convenience ——Convenient transportation of goods (2) surrounding environment - excellent sanitary environment, no pollution, good sewage outlet (3) terrain area - saving land, not occupying farmland, preferably flat land (4) water source - cold storage has more water, ensure abundant water source (5) power supply - a very reliable and stable power supply is needed to ensure normal operation of air conditioning Site selection of the reservoir.
If it is a controlled atmosphere warehouse, it should also be close to the origin, not too far away, otherwise the logistics transportation will affect the storage effect.
Cold storage production
4. How many dimensions (length, width and height) of the cold storage are to confirm the standard dimension of the cold storage door and the opening direction of the door. Cold storage equipment cold storage construction from the beginning of construction to the equipment is generally carried out at room temperature, and the structural system is also in the normal temperature state; after the cold storage is put into use, its structural system is in a low temperature environment.
5. Refrigeration method of cold storage. In general, the climate in the north is colder and freezes easily, and the underground water quality is hard and simple, so that the water-cooling pipes are blocked. It is not suitable to choose the cooling method of water cooling.
The temperature of air cooling can not exceed 45 ° C, so it is not suitable to use air-cooled refrigeration method if the climate is too hot.
Evaporative cooling is a combination of air cooling and water cooling, which is generally suitable for larger cold storage. Considering the above objective reasons and local environment, the refrigeration method is selected.