What maintenance can be done on the chiller to increase the service life of the equipment

Update:19 Oct 2019

For the customer, the most concern is the quality of th […]

For the customer, the most concern is the quality of the chiller and the service life of the chiller. The main chillers are compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion valves, filters and electronic control systems. In addition to the evaporator design of the evaporator, these parts are purchased in the original imported state of the international brand, which largely guarantees the quality of the chiller.

 What maintenance can the chiller improve the service life of the chiller? For the service life of the chiller, Kadley Refrigeration recommends that you can arrange an operator to learn the daily maintenance and maintenance expertise of the chiller after purchasing the chiller. The chiller can be used to improve the company's product quality and improve production efficiency. It can also use the knowledge of chiller to extend the service life of the chiller. Let's take a look at the most basic maintenance work of the chiller:

1. Initial operation of chiller: Always observe the oil level, oil return and cleanliness of the compressor. It is found that the oil is dirty or the oil surface should be replaced or added in time to avoid poor lubrication and affect the operation of the chiller.

2. For air-cooled chillers: Always clean the air-cooler to maintain a good heat exchange state. Always check the condenser for scaling problems, and remove the scale in time.

For water-cooled chillers: Always check the turbidity of the cooling water. If the cooling water is too dirty, replace it. Check the water supply system for running, running, dripping or leaking. Whether the pump works normally, whether the valve switch is valid, whether the cooling tower or fan is normal.

3. For air-cooled evaporators: Always check the defrosting conditions. Whether the defrosting is effective in time will affect the cooling effect and cause the refrigeration system to return to the liquid.

4, often observe the operating state of the compressor, check its exhaust temperature, in the season to operate, pay special attention to the operating state of the system, and timely adjust the system supply and condensation temperature.

5. Listen carefully to the sound of the compressor, cooling tower, water pump or condenser fan. It is found that the abnormality is handled in time, and the vibration of the compressor, exhaust pipe and water pump is checked.
6. Maintenance of the compressor: The initial cleanliness of the system is poor. After 30 days of operation, the refrigeration oil and the drying filter should be replaced once, and then replaced after half a year of operation (depending on the actual situation). For systems with a high degree of cleanliness, the refrigeration oil and drying filter should be replaced after half a year of operation, depending on the situation.