What is the cooling principle of the chiller

Update:06 Apr 2021

When it comes to industrial chillers, it is a mechanica […]

When it comes to industrial chillers, it is a mechanical setting that allows water to cool. This small chiller can not only be automatically adjusted according to conditions, but it can still save water if it is used for a long time. Therefore, the chiller is a standard energy-saving setting. What is the cooling principle of the chiller?
At first we need to know that the system operation of the chiller is implemented through three interconnected systems, the refrigerant cycle system, the water cycle system, and the electrical automatic control system. The most important thing is the shrinking machine. This shrinking machine is the entire refrigeration system. The core component of the refrigerant is also the source of energy for refrigerant shrinkage.
In the chiller, there is a condenser, a liquid receiver and a dry filter, and the condenser is used in the cooling process to transport heat to the purpose of condensation. Then there is the liquid storage connected to the drain pipe of the condenser. Finally, the agent of the metal laser cutting machine shows that in the use of the chiller, the refrigerant is the rolling working fluid in the refrigeration system.
Originally, whether it is a large or a small chiller, it is a refrigeration setting with more advanced features, and a small chiller is also a relatively energy-saving refrigeration setting due to its small size. The current sales of small chillers on the market are extremely good. So the competition is extremely fierce.