What is the cold storage installation process

Update:19 Apr 2021

The installation of cold storage boards: the cold stora […]

The installation of cold storage boards: the cold storage boards should be fixed and installed with lock hooks and sealant to achieve overall flatness. After the storage boards are installed, adjust the leveling between the head and the bottom.
Installation of the air cooler: The air cooler should be installed at the best position for air circulation. The air cooler should keep a certain distance from the storage board, preferably greater than the thickness of the air cooler. For example, if the thickness of the cooler is 0.6m, the minimum distance between the air cooler and the storage board must exceed 0.6m. After the air cooler is installed, the holes of the air cooler should be sealed with a sealing tape to prevent accidents such as cold bridges and air leakage.
Before installing the refrigeration unit, you should choose which refrigeration unit to install. Generally, small cold storages are equipped with fully enclosed refrigeration units, while medium and large cold storages are equipped with semi-closed refrigeration units. After the installation of the refrigeration unit is completed, the matching oil separator should be installed, and then an appropriate amount of oil should be added. If the preset temperature of the cold storage is lower than minus 15°C, the refrigerating oil should be added. In addition, a shock-absorbing rubber seat should be installed at the bottom of the compressor to leave a certain space around it to facilitate maintenance and inspection. Professional cold storage engineering companies have a certain degree of emphasis on the overall layout of the unit, and the color should be unified, and the installation structure of each unit model should be consistent.
Pipeline installation: The diameter of the pipeline must meet the design and use requirements of the cold storage, and a certain safety distance should be maintained between each equipment. The installation position also needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation on site.
Electric control system installation: Marking must be done at each connection point to facilitate future maintenance and inspection; therefore, the wires must be fixed with tie wires; moisture-proof work should be done to prevent short circuits caused by water ingress in the wires.
Cold storage debugging: When debugging the cold storage, you must first debug the power supply voltage to confirm whether it is stable. In many cases, the user calls for repairs because the voltage is unstable at that time and the cold storage cannot be started normally. Then, check the switch status of the equipment and send to the storage tank. Refrigerant is injected inside, and then the compressor is operated. Check whether the compressor is working normally and whether the three-phase power supply is stable. After reaching the predetermined temperature, check the operating conditions of each part. After all the debugging is normal, the debugging work is over, and the cold storage engineering company submits the debugging form to the user for final confirmation.

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