What happens to the lack of refrigerant in a screw chiller

Update:23 Nov 2019

The ice water and cooling work of the screw chiller are […]

The ice water and cooling work of the screw chiller are based on refrigerant. Without refrigerant, there is no cooling function of the screw chiller. When you find that the screw chiller reduces the cooling effect of the equipment and reduces the cooling capacity, it is very likely that there is a shortage of refrigerant. So, what happens to the lack of refrigerant in a screw chiller?

 What is the performance of the screw chiller lacking refrigerant? The most basic performance is: the cooling capacity is reduced, and the cooling effect is reduced. The lack of refrigerant in screw chillers also includes:

Judging by the load performance of the compressor: When the compressor load of the screw chiller suddenly becomes high, sometimes even overload protection occurs, and it is basically judged that the compressor is not a problem or the refrigerant is lacking. Since there is not enough refrigerant in the working chamber of the compressor, the compressor will automatically increase the working load by increasing the compression effect of a relatively small amount of refrigerant to a normal amount of refrigerant.

View by sight glass: You can directly observe whether the refrigerant is missing. It is generally believed that any refrigerant loss can be observed through the sight glass. Of course, the foam roll can be observed only when the system is running, but the foam is not necessarily the refrigerant, or the system is not smooth. For other reasons, please pay attention to this.

The reason for the lack of refrigerant may be normal consumption, but on the other hand, it may also be abnormal consumption: the most common type of abnormal consumption is leakage. Refrigerant leakage is a common problem and one of the major reasons for the lack of refrigerant in the screw chiller and the lack of refrigerant.