What factors should companies consider when buying chiller

Update:20 Dec 2019

Chillers are mainly used in refrigeration equipment for […]

Chillers are mainly used in refrigeration equipment for the industrial industry. They can provide enterprises with chilled water at room temperature of 5-35 ° C and low-temperature chilled water below 0 ° C, so as to cool equipment or products and improve production efficiency. So, what factors do companies need to consider when purchasing chiller units?
 What factors do companies need to consider when purchasing chiller units?

1. First of all, what equipment needs to be cooled down. The chiller has a wide range of uses and involves various industries. Generally, the commonly used refrigeration functions can be met, but for enterprises with temperature requirements of -10 ° C and below, it is best to choose a special low-temperature chiller to achieve the temperature requirements; or It is a special chemical industry, and it is safer to choose explosion-proof chiller.

2. Choose a chiller with reliable quality. Although the chiller's failure rate is low, there is still a possibility of failure, so the performance and quality of chiller equipment is particularly important. The cost-effective chiller equipment only needs to be properly maintained during normal work, minimizing the extra wear of the equipment, and controlling the failure cost to a minimum.

3. Under the conditions of the same function and price, try to choose industrial chiller equipment that is easy to operate, simple to maintain and easy to maintain, which not only can improve work efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity of operators and reduce the corresponding training costs.

4. Attach importance to after-sales service. Regardless of whether it is chiller equipment or other refrigeration equipment, after-sales service is an important part that should be taken into consideration when purchasing. While guaranteeing the brand, it is also necessary to consider the after-sales service commitment. Priority should be given to manufacturers who have a good commitment to after-sales service. When encountering equipment failures, the company's losses can be minimized. After-sales service commitments can refer to market evaluations and manufacturer terms.

What factors do companies need to consider when purchasing a chiller? In fact, no matter what kind of machinery and equipment we choose, we must consider all aspects of the chiller purchase, manufacturer issues, after-sales service issues, and price issues. In fact, it is best that we Of customers come to visit, this way is more authentic, after all, buying a machine is different from what we buy and eat. We must be careful when buying a machine.