What factors should be paid attention to when selecting a type of freezer

Update:25 May 2019

The application industry of the freezer is very extensi […]

The application industry of the freezer is very extensive. If the user does not understand the expertise of the freezer, he cannot purchase equipment suitable for his own business. So, how to choose the freezer?

How to choose the freezer? The selection of the freezer is very important. If it is not well selected, it will not achieve the effect and waste money. The following three points should be paid attention to when selecting the freezer:

1. Manufacturer's experience and scale: Some large formal refrigeration equipment manufacturers, due to the quality of the products they produce, will be slightly higher, while some small manufacturers produce products. The price will be relatively low. In the choice, try to choose a large brand of refrigeration equipment. After all, the brand determines the quality of the equipment.

 2, determine the water temperature: according to the production needs to determine the water temperature cooling of the pharmaceutical industry, if some manufacturers need minus 20 degrees of chilled water, some need minus 15 degrees, some of the chilled water needs minus 12 degrees, the same cooling at different outlet temperatures The price gap between the cooling capacity of the device is also large. The company determines the water temperature according to its own production needs.

3. Determine the cooling capacity: It is especially important to choose the cooling capacity. If you choose less, you can't meet the needs of production. If you choose too much, it will cause waste. The cooling capacity is mainly calculated based on actual production needs or past experience. The cooling capacity is different and the price is different.