What effect does the evaporator have on the chiller

Update:29 Mar 2019

The evaporator is one of the four components of the chi […]

The evaporator is one of the four components of the chiller refrigeration system and is the ultimate embodiment of the cooling effect and efficiency. The evaporator is generally designed and equipped by the manufacturer of the chiller, and the user does not have to choose. However, in order to better maintain the refrigeration system and ensure the efficient operation of the chiller, it is necessary to understand the importance of the equipment accessories. So, what effect does the evaporator have on the chiller?
Effect of liquid level on evaporation temperature: Due to the influence of the height of the refrigerant liquid column of the chiller, the evaporation temperature at the bottom of the full liquid evaporator is higher than the evaporation temperature of the liquid surface. Different refrigerants have different effects on the evaporating temperature of different liquid levels depending on the height of the hydrostatic fluid. Regardless of the refrigerant, the lower the evaporation temperature of the liquid surface, the greater the effect of the hydrostatic height on the evaporation temperature.
The possibility of freezing of the brine: If the evaporation temperature is lower than the solidification temperature of the brine, the coolant may freeze. In the last process of the brine, the temperature of the brine is the lowest and it is most likely to freeze. When water is used as the brine, it is theoretically possible that the inner wall temperature of the tube can be as low as 0 °C.
Pressure loss of the water-cooler refrigerant in the evaporator: the pressure loss caused when the refrigerant flows through the evaporator, the pressure of the refrigerant at the outlet of the evaporator is inevitably lower than the pressure at the inlet, thereby reducing the suction pressure of the compressor. This results in a decrease in cooling capacity. A chiller, depending on the model, can have a variety of options, of course, can be customized according to user needs.