What are the types of refrigerators

Update:21 Jan 2020

What are the types of refrigerators?There are eight typ […]

What are the types of refrigerators?
There are eight types of cold storage classification standards at present:
1. Classification according to the capacity and scale of cold storage: large cold storage, medium cold storage and small cold storage;
2. According to the design temperature of refrigeration: high temperature cold storage (constant temperature storage), medium temperature cold storage (cold storage), low temperature cold storage (cold storage), ultra-low temperature cold storage (deep cold storage), quick freezing storage (quick freezing storage);
3. Classification by warehouse structure category: Civil cold storage, storage place for frozen products. Earth covered cold storage, cave cold storage and combined plate cold storage;
4. Classification by nature of use: productive cold storage, distributive cold storage, retail cold storage
5. Classification by refrigerator refrigerant
Ammonia refrigeration: refrigeration system uses ammonia as refrigerant.
Freon cold storage: the cold storage system uses freon as refrigerant.
6. Classification according to the use and storage characteristics: supermarket cold storage, constant temperature cold storage, air conditioning cold storage, double temperature cold storage;
7. Classification by storage items: cold storage for drugs, meat, blood, vaccines, fruits, herbs and aquatic products
8. Classification according to the structural materials and grades used: high grade cold storage, low grade cold storage, stainless steel cold storage, color steel cold storage and fiberglass cold storage