What are the requirements for professional cold storage installation?

Update:31 Dec 2020

What are the requirements for the installation of profe […]

What are the requirements for the installation of professional cold storage? Do a good job of these points, effectively improve the quality of cold storage! With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the choice of food is more diversified. Most fruit and vegetable enterprises will choose to use cold storage to save some fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products that are not suitable for long-term storage.
Because it is very hygienic and conducive to the preservation of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, so that we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is a detailed introduction of the professional cold storage installation requirements, for your reference!
The installation scheme of the professional cold storage is determined according to the communication with the person in charge of the enterprise at the initial stage of construction. Therefore, the use of the cold storage should be in accordance with the design requirements (storage capacity and temperature), such as not excessive stacking of stored products, so as to give full play to the freezing and refrigeration capacity and ensure safe operation and product quality.
The storage capacity is determined according to the type and quantity of storage planned by the enterprise. Therefore, the professional cold storage should be stacked reasonably to improve the utilization rate of storage capacity, such as safety, reasonable arrangement of storage location and stacking height.
While improving the utilization rate of the storage capacity, we should not forget to reserve the entrance and exit channels, so as to facilitate the operation of the construction of the air-conditioned cold storage in the catering cold storage, the entry and exit of goods, and the maintenance of equipment, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the cold storage.

The construction performance of the special cold storage with heat insulation layer is better. The better the heat insulation performance of the heat insulation layer and the smaller the cold consumption, the smaller the fluctuation of the storage temperature, which is conducive to the quality maintenance of the storage, prolonging the storage time, reducing the shrinkage loss of the storage, and saving the investment and operation cost of the refrigeration equipment.
The design and use of cold storage is to slow down the process of metabolism and decay of fruits and vegetables in the construction of water air conditioning cold storage. In low temperature environment, the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, enzyme activity and respiration metabolism of fruits and vegetables are slowed down, which are beneficial to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The suitable low temperature environment for different foods is different, so it is necessary to set and store them in a targeted way.