What are the reasons for the gradual level of chiller price

Update:30 Sep 2019

The production of tempered glass is to heat the general […]

The production of tempered glass is to heat the general glass after high temperature and then rapidly cool it. The temperature of the cooling water should not be too high or it will affect the quality of tempering. The chiller is used to provide the frozen water for cooling, so that the water temperature is not affected by the ambient temperature, and the quality of the product is guaranteed. However, there are many brands of chillers in the market today, and the prices are also uneven, which greatly affects the purchase of enterprises. So, what are the reasons for the tiered price of chillers?

 What are the reasons for the uneven price levels of chillers?

Xiaobian has been engaged in the refrigeration industry for more than 20 years and has participated in the quotation of hundreds of industrial enterprises dedicated chillers. Here are some factors to influence the price of chillers:

1. Scale factors of chiller manufacturers: Some large-scale regular refrigeration equipment manufacturers, because of the better quality of the products they produce, will have a slightly higher price, while some small manufacturers produce products. The price will be relatively low. In the choice, try to choose a large brand of refrigeration equipment. After all, the brand determines the quality of the equipment.

2, the choice of chiller compressor: the same cooling capacity of the chiller, according to the type of compressor can be divided into scroll chiller, screw chiller and centrifugal chiller, also each model also has its own characteristics, the enterprise The chiller should be selected according to its own situation, and the type of compressor also affects the price of each chiller.

3. Selection of cooling mode of chiller: According to the site conditions, it is determined whether to choose water-cooled chiller or air-cooled chiller. These two types have their own characteristics. The air-cooled unit is not required to be installed in the machine room, and the installation is relatively simple; The machine room is needed, and the cooling tower and cooling water pump need to be installed. The installation is relatively troublesome, but the cooling efficiency is high and the operation is more stable. This also increases the cost of the system.