What are the reasons for the cold storage tripping

Update:12 Nov 2021

What are the reasons for the cold storage tripping? How […]

What are the reasons for the cold storage tripping? How to judge?

The general reason for the cold storage trip may be the decrease of the line insulator or the decrease of the cold storage insulator.

Generally, cold storage will install a leakage switch. If the voltage is unstable, the leakage switch in the cold storage will trip. It can be judged that the cold storage is causing the trip. Specifically, what is the cause of the component is to ask a professional repairer to come and check it. knowledge. If the main switch trips and the cold storage does not trip, it means that there is a load problem or the line insulator is lowered. As mentioned earlier, if it is a load problem, the main switch will be hot. If it does not, it will be a line problem.

If there is no leakage switch installed in the cold storage itself, and the main switch trips, this phenomenon occurs, use the troubleshooting method, unplug the cold storage socket, and open the switch offline. Then test the line insulation. Use a shaker to measure the insulation between the ground and the working wire of the cold storage. If the insulation decreases, the number of trips will generally increase over time. If the trip is caused by the cold storage, there are two possibilities. First, the current required by the cold storage exceeds the current of the total switch, and the sensitivity of the total switch is too high. Second, the internal insulator of the cold storage is reduced. Whether there is electricity.