What are the maintenance scope of the chiller system

Update:27 Jul 2019

With the advancement of society and the development of […]

With the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, chillers have been widely used, which has improved our working and living environment. The chiller is a refrigeration equipment. As a refrigeration equipment that runs continuously for a long time, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is also very important. The maintenance and maintenance of chillers is relatively more complicated than general mechanical and electrical products. It involves multiple professional categories and multiple types of construction, which need to be cross-matched. So, what are the maintenance scope of the chiller system?

What is the scope of maintenance of the chiller system? If the chiller system is not maintained, it will affect the service life of the equipment, the improvement of the failure rate and the waste of energy. Stellar chiller manufacturers have always paid special attention to and pay attention to the problems of chiller system maintenance. Here is a brief introduction to the scope and importance of chiller system maintenance.

 1. Significance of chiller maintenance

1.1. Protect the equipment and extend the life of the equipment: Regularly perform maintenance on the chiller to avoid excessive corrosion and damage of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

1.2. Reduce accidents and improve operation stability: Regularly perform maintenance on the chillers, prevent misoperation of the loose lines, excessive pressure difference, excessive scale, excessive gully impurities, reduce equipment failures, and improve equipment operation. Sex.

1.3. Saving energy and improving efficiency: Regular maintenance of the chiller can make the system air duct and pipeline unblocked, the water quality is clear, the scale is prevented, the heat exchange efficiency of the air cooler and the heat exchanger is improved, and the energy consumption of the equipment is reduced. , thereby saving energy, improving equipment energy efficiency, and improving the utility value of the pen.

2, chiller maintenance range

Usually the chiller system includes: wind, water, electricity, and refrigerant.

2.1, ventilation system includes: circulating air supply system; exhaust system.

2.2. The water system includes: cold water system; cooling water system; hot water system.

2.3. The power supply system includes: one control loop; the secondary control loop.

2.4. Refrigerant system includes: refrigerant circulation system