What are the functions of these parts in cold storage construction?

Update:13 May 2020

When it comes to cold storage, we all know that in our […]

When it comes to cold storage, we all know that in our daily life, it brings us not only convenience in life, but also health and safety. As we all know, any equipment will need to use many large and small parts, and the perfect combination of these parts can make the whole equipment operate normally. We can imagine the importance of these parts for the cold storage. Today, Xiaobian will take you to know the parts that need to be used in the cold storage and the role they play in the cold storage.
1、 Compressor:
It is used to compress and drive the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit. The compressor draws the refrigerant from the low-pressure area, compresses it, and sends it to the high-pressure area for cooling and condensation. Through the radiator, it emits heat to the air. The refrigerant also changes from gaseous state to liquid state, and the pressure increases.

2、 Condenser:
It is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the refrigeration system of the cold storage. Its function is to cool and condense the superheated steam of the high-temperature refrigerant discharged from the compressor of the assembled cold storage into the high-pressure liquid.
3、 Evaporator:
It is to absorb the heat in the cold storage, make the liquid refrigerant evaporate under the low pressure and low temperature, absorb the heat from the refrigeration storage and evaporate, and become the gaseous refrigerant. The gaseous refrigerant is compressed by the suction compressor, and then discharged into the condenser for heat discharge. Basically, the principle of evaporator is the same as that of condenser, the difference is that the former is to absorb heat into the reservoir, and the latter is to exhaust heat to the outside.

4、 Reservoir:
Store Freon storage tank to ensure the refrigerant is always saturated.
5、 Solenoid valve:
The first is to prevent the refrigerant liquid of the high pressure part from entering the evaporator when the compressor is shut down, to prevent the low pressure from being too high when the compressor is next started, and to prevent the liquid hammer of the compressor. Second, when the cold storage temperature reaches the set value, the temperature controller acts, the solenoid valve loses power, and the compressor stops when the low-pressure pressure reaches the shutdown set value. When the temperature in the cold storage rises to the set value, the temperature controller acts, the solenoid valve is powered on, and the compressor starts when the low-pressure pressure rises to the startup set value of the compressor.
6、 High and low voltage protectors:
Protect the compressor from high pressure, high pressure, low pressure and low pressure.
7、 Thermostat:
It is equivalent to that the brain controls the start and stop of refrigeration, defrosting and fan.
8、 Dry filter:
Impurities and moisture in the filtration system.
9、 Oil pressure protector:
Ensure that the compressor has enough lubricating oil.
10、 Expansion valve:
It is also called throttle valve, which can make the high-pressure and low-pressure pressure of the system form a huge pressure difference, make the high-pressure refrigeration liquid at the outlet of the expansion valve quickly evaporate, absorb the heat in the air through the pipe wall, and carry out the cold and heat exchange.
11、 Oil separator:
Its function is to separate the lubricating oil in the high-pressure steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the device. According to the principle of oil separation, which can reduce the velocity of air flow and change the direction of air flow, the oil particles in high pressure steam can be separated under the action of gravity. Generally, when the air velocity is less than 1 m / s, the oil particles with a diameter of more than 0.2 mm in the steam can be separated. The commonly used oil separators are washing type, centrifugal type, packing type and filter type.
12、 Evaporator pressure regulating valve:
It is to prevent the evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) from falling below the specified value. Sometimes it is also used to adjust the evaporator force to adapt to the change of load.
13、 Fan governor:
This series of fan governor is mainly used for the speed regulation of the fan motor of the outdoor air-cooled condenser of the refrigeration equipment, or for the speed regulation of the cold fan of the cold storage.