What are the common sense of overhaul of industrial chille

Update:25 Nov 2021

The follow-up use, maintenance and maintenance of a goo […]

The follow-up use, maintenance and maintenance of a good industrial chille are very important. To do this well, we must master some simple common sense about the maintenance of screw chillers.

Common sense in maintenance, first, we must do a good job in the inspection of the refrigeration unit, only in the usual work to do a serious inspection, we can quickly solve problems when they occur.

The normal use of refrigeration units is inseparable from the substance of refrigerant. If there is a problem with the refrigerant, how to solve it?-Once this happens, we will use a leak detector, which is designed to detect the refrigeration product R22 Waiting for refrigerant tools. The biggest feature is high sensitivity and easy to use. The only drawback is that it is difficult to judge the specific leakage point of the system when it is used in a closed space and where the air flows quickly. But its practicality is still very high. It is a tool that should be equipped in our daily crew maintenance.

Second, the work to be done is routine maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance work. When doing this work, we will also use some auxiliary tools such as: excitation gauge hose, vacuum pump, etc. After we have gone through a period of work and study, we will accumulate more common knowledge and skills related to the overhaul of refrigeration unit products. After mastering these methods, it will greatly extend the service life of the entire unit.

It can be said that as long as the maintenance work is done in peacetime, we can reduce the probability of failure of the refrigeration unit to a minimum. As the failure rate decreases, users who use the product will get more benefits. As long as the unit can operate normally, it will bring more economic benefits to users.