What are the advantages of aluminum row cold storage

Update:06 Jan 2021

There are many ways of refrigeration in cold storage. I […]

There are many ways of refrigeration in cold storage. I will explain the advantages of aluminum cold storage. All kinds of refrigeration systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered according to their own needs and budget. Choosing the right one will not only save you less money, but also save you future operating costs.
So, what are the advantages of aluminum cold storage?

1: It is much more energy-saving to use aluminum row as evaporator of refrigeration system than steel tube or air cooler, and it can extend the service life of compressor. In the long run, the money saved in these two aspects is far greater than the difference between the price of aluminum exhaust and that of steel pipe or air cooler.
2: The evaporator made of aluminum can save more than 30% energy than steel tube or air cooler. This is mainly because the aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 2.9 times that of iron. The heat transfer coefficient of energy-saving aluminum exhaust is 1.43 times that of steel exhaust, and only the top exhaust pipe is needed to meet the cooling requirement.
3: Aluminum row also has the advantages of light weight and easy installation - under the same evaporation area, the weight of aluminum row is one sixth of that of steel row; the refrigerant consumption of the system is small - the structure of aluminum row is reasonable, with internal ribs to increase the contact area of refrigerant, and external fins to increase the contact with air, which greatly improves the utilization rate of refrigerant; Reasonable structure, accelerated convection, rapid refrigeration - fin tubes are connected in parallel to form a number of parallel convection channels. During the operation of the refrigeration system, the cold air forms a flue effect in the channel, the cold air accelerates to sink, the convection accelerates, the cooling speed accelerates, the dry consumption of food is less, the electric heating defrosting function solves the problem of dripping water in the high-temperature storage, and many other advantages.

4: Electric defrosting function: long life, high temperature resistance, high insulation grade electric heating line is selected, and water tank is equipped to end the problem of defrosting of cold exhaust pipe.
Combined with the above points, it is not difficult to find that energy saving is a prominent advantage of aluminum cold storage. Compared with the design of aluminum fluoride cooling system, it will be more durable.