What about the condensing Unit

Update:16 Oct 2020

Air-cooled compact condensing Unit can be used as the m […]

Air-cooled compact condensing Unit can be used as the main component of various refrigeration installations, and it is applied to various refrigeration and refrigeration equipment. Depending on the requirements or using different refrigerants, it can obtain a variety of temperatures needed for fruit and vegetable preservation, food quick-freezing or refrigeration.This unit can be widely used in commerce, tourism, service industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

1. Ultra high energy efficiency: the energy efficiency is 12% higher than the advanced piston compressor on the market
2. Excellent reliability: few moving parts. The patented flexible design of axial and radial tightening machine provides unprecedented liquid hammer resistance and impurity tolerance.

1. High volumetric efficiency: the pressure difference between the crescent shaped spaces adjacent to the scroll compressor is small, with less leakage, no suction and exhaust valves, small resistance and no re shrinkage of clearance volume.
2. High adiabatic efficiency: under the same cooling capacity, the vortex compressor is about 10% higher than that of reciprocating compressor.
3. The noise is small, and the vibration of the whole machine is small.
4. It has a strong cast iron body, which provides large heat dissipation area to improve the cooling effect of the extruder. It also uses light aluminum piston to reduce friction and vibration. It has a cutting-edge electronic maintenance membrane, which can provide comprehensive motor maintenance.