Valve Safe Operation of Refrigeration Unit

Update:27 Dec 2017

When filling the container with refrigerant, the valve […]

When filling the container with refrigerant, the valve should be opened slowly. If the loading speed is too high, the refrigeration unit will have potential micro-defects, insufficient time to slip, and the strain rate will increase in the root region of the notch, thus reducing the fracture toughness of the material and easily causing brittle failure.

Liquid supply pipes, drainage pipes, liquid refrigerant adjustment stations and other pipelines are generally filled with liquid, before the shutdown should be carried out. If you close the import and export valves, due to the absorption of cold outside the body, the volume of liquid generated by the expansion of the refrigeration unit pipeline valve caused a burst accident, usually called liquid explosion. The consequences of the accident is very serious. At least one of the valves at both ends of the line filled with refrigeration unit must be open. Similarly, the cold air blower in the water, it is strictly prohibited at the distribution station on the back of the steam valve and drain valve all closed.

Opened the return valve, it should be slow action, and pay attention to listen to the sound of refrigerant flow, prohibit suddenly fierce open, in order to prevent the wet gas into the compressor, causing an accident.

Open the valve to prevent the valve body is stuck stuck, requiring hand wheel rotation should not be too hard, when the foot should be opened after a full turn around 1/8 laps.

In order to avoid accidental operation of the valve accident, the compressor to the condenser manifold on the valve should be turned on, be sealed. A variety of spare valves, filling the quality valve, drain valve usually should be closed, and add seals or remove the hand wheel. Connecting the atmosphere of the pipe joints should be boring cover. All control valves shall be capable of hanging on the handwheel. The valve on the control station shall indicate the control of a cold room or equipment symbol. It is advisable to mark the arrows of the refrigerant flow on all pipes near the valve.