Ultra low temperature unit maintenance

Update:09 Mar 2019

The maintenance of ultra-low temperature units plays a […]

The maintenance of ultra-low temperature units plays a key role in the stable operation of the equipment. Therefore, a complete maintenance system must be established. The following points are introduced for this aspect:
(1) Maintenance personnel must undergo professional training, and must fully grasp the principle and performance of the equipment;
(2) The equipment should be inspected, maintained and maintained in strict accordance with the prescribed cycle, and the operation and maintenance personnel should be relatively fixed;
(3) The control components and sensing components of the equipment must be regularly verified to provide effective safety protection for the unit and to obtain objective operational raw data;
(4) The refrigerant and refrigeration oil required for the equipment should be filled according to the grades and quantities specified in the operation manual. The grades of refrigerant and refrigeration oil should not be replaced at will. The filling amount of low-temperature refrigerant should be strictly controlled. Generally, it should be 0. .lkg is a unit of measurement and must not be overfilled.