Two Kind of Refrigeration Mode of Industrial Refrigeration

Update:17 Nov 2017

Cooling is a process that involves lowering or maintain […]

Cooling is a process that involves lowering or maintaining the level of heat in a place or number. Technically, the concept of cooling does not exist. Therefore, refrigeration is a thermodynamic process in which the heat of an object is absorbed and taken to a different place where it can be released without any harm to the environment. Fluids used to transport heat from one place to another are called refrigerants.

Refrigeration exploits the fact that liquids evaporate at different temperatures, depending on varying air pressures, so the lower the air pressure, the easier it is for the liquid to evaporate at lower temperatures. As they evaporate, there is a change that absorbs heat from the environment without increasing its temperature.

Compression refrigeration: This is a refrigeration method that consists of a mechanical forced refrigerant cycle in a closed circuit divided into two distinct zones: high pressure and low pressure. The refrigerant acts as a transport to deliver the heat from the evaporator located in the area to be cooled to the air condenser where it is released to the atmosphere or to cooling water, in this case a water-cooled condenser system.

Absorption refrigeration: is another kind of refrigeration process, in order to be able to produce cold, the use of heat absorption material, in this case, from liquid to gas. However, in contrast to compressor-based compression systems, absorption systems utilize the ability of certain substances to absorb other substances during the evaporation phase.

Industrial refrigeration process at facilities.

Water cooling systems for buildings, hotels and hospitals. Technically speaking, these machines are centralized systems for climate control. However, its power and capacity can be completely classified as industrial refrigeration equipment. Direct expansion type climate control equipment should not be considered as an industrial refrigeration process.