This Water Cooled Condensing Unit Is No Swamp Cooler

Update:04 Sep 2017

Cooling technology should not be confused with swamp co […]

Cooling technology should not be confused with swamp coolers. Although water is used to assist in cooling, it is sprayed on the condensing coil rather than on the pad.

Water-cooled condensing units are residential buildings that have been used in commercial buildings for 250 tons of split-type refrigerators. Think of this technology as a residential chillers.

The evaporative water cooler for split air conditioning has advantages over air-cooled units. Water is more efficient than air to remove heat from the condenser coil. This reduces the temperature of the compressed R-22 refrigerant, which in turn reduces the operating load of the scroll compressor. Not only does the compressor last longer, when the outdoor temperature exceeds 100 degrees, the cooling efficiency is only minimized.

A typical air-cooled unit may lose up to 25% efficiency at the same temperature.

"An additional part of the need for an additional water-cooled old air-conditioning unit is to run a waterline that has an automated system that resembles the toilet tank, keeping the water properly and the system also flushes itself to avoid calcium buildup.

Due to the almost constant capacity, the condenser size does not need to be changed by the climate zone, such as air-cooled devices. Installation and air-cooled condenser is roughly the same, with a unique air handling capacity. This can accommodate two or three compressors (up to 10) in one cabinet.

Whether you call it a evaporative water cooler or a water-cooled condensate unit, this mini-version of the 250-ton chiller will definitely change the desert's cooling.