The Safety Operation of Refrigeration System

Update:03 Jan 2018

Refrigeration system in the moving parts, such as coupl […]

Refrigeration system in the moving parts, such as couplings and other protective devices should be added, or prohibit the operation. Cooling system cooling and warming must be slow. In order to prevent low pressure, low temperature pipeline defrosting by pressure fluctuations and temperature changes, the provisions of the pressure before entering the evaporator shall not exceed 7.84 × 105 Pa, and prohibit the use of small or close the condenser into the steam valve to speed up the melt Frost speed. To prevent environmental pollution and ammonia poisoning, non-condensable gases are to be discharged from the refrigeration system through specially equipped air separators. In order to prevent high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerant fleeing into the warehouse, so that the sudden increase in machine load, the provisions of the liquid level of the receiver shall not be less than 30% of its radial height.

In order to prevent liquid accumulator, liquid draining barrel full condensate affect the pressure, the deterioration of the system operating conditions, liquid level of the receiver shall not exceed 80% of the radial height. Since the oil and ammonia in the refrigeration equipment are generally in a mixed state of pressure, it is forbidden to discharge the oil directly from the refrigeration equipment in order to avoid causing serious ammonia runaway accidents. When the room temperature between devices reaches the freezing temperature, for all equipment with cold water, the remaining water should be depleted when deactivated to prevent frost cracking.

In order to prevent electric shock accident, during the overhaul of refrigeration equipment, in particular, the equipment away from the power switch, such as fans and electrical appliances in the overhaul garage, should be hung with working cards on the power switch. After the overhaul, the overhaul personnel should remove it personally. Allowed to move. When inspecting and repairing the machinery and equipment in the machine room and pump room, the voltage below 36V must be used to illuminate the power supply and the damp area to use the lighting power below 12V.

After the overhaul of the refrigeration system, the compressive strength and tightness test should be carried out. After increasing the welding or connecting the equipment, the gas tightness test shall be carried out and the qualified rear is allowed to be used. After the new or overhaul refrigeration equipment, must be airtight test, leak detection, sewage, vacuum, when confirmed that the system leaks, before filling refrigerant. Such as with ammonia test, the pressure within the device does not exceed 0.196MPa.