The Key to Avoiding Refrigeration Unit Failures

Update:06 Nov 2017

Confined air conditioners and refrigeration equipment f […]

Confined air conditioners and refrigeration equipment failure is still the main reason for business and institutional losses. Worse, the design and placement of equipment adds to maintenance costs, increasing the potential for costly business interruption losses.

What can you do to help prevent problems? The proper maintenance and protection of air conditioning and refrigeration unit should be the top priority. The first step is to find out the main reason for the loss of equipment. This helps to centralize the work and decide where to install the protective device.

Air conditioning and refrigeration unit failure for many reasons, but belong to two categories - mechanical or electrical failure.

Mechanical failures traditionally account for 30% to 40% of all faults. They often involve lubrication problems, which can lead to failure of various mechanical components and compressor jamming. In addition to oil change during routine maintenance, lube analysis provides important information about the condition of the equipment. In addition, keep the condenser clean and in good condition to help extend the service life of all motors / compressors.

The electrical failure of the sealed unit accounts for about 60% to 70% of the total loss of the equipment. Line disturbances may include voltage sags, power interruptions, phase loss, phase imbalance, voltage imbalance and harmonics.

Due to the design of the sealing system and the frequent line disturbances of most power supply and distribution systems, extra protection for the power supply of the motor / compressor unit will solve the single largest loss category. Correct grounding of electrical systems and equipment is also critical.