The Development of Zhaoxue Cooling Room In China

Update:03 Feb 2018

With the progress of society and people's continuous im […]

With the progress of society and people's continuous improvement of living standards, the application of refrigeration and air conditioners covers almost every aspect of production and life. Cooling Room is the use of artificial refrigeration method, so that the temperature inside the warehouse is lower than the ambient temperature conducive to perishable food processing, storage, in order to ensure food edible value of the structure; it includes insulation and maintenance systems, refrigeration systems, electronic control network systems . To maximize the original quality of food to meet the peak season food supply and long-term storage purposes.

Cooling room can be structural characteristics, nature of use, size and use of library temperature and other forms of classification. According to the characteristics of the structure can be divided into civil-built cooling room and assembly-type cooling room; according to the nature of use can be divided into productive cooling room, distribution of cooling room and retail cooling room; according to the size can be divided into large-scale cooling room, medium-sized cooling room and small cooling room; Temperature can be divided into cooling, freezing and cooling room. In addition, the type of refrigerant can also be divided.

Cooling room buildings are usually composed of the main library, refrigeration compressors, equipment rooms, manufacturing plants and office, living space and other components, the main library is the main building of the cooling room complex. The main library includes cooling rooms, freezing rooms, refrigerated refrigerators, frozen refrigerators, ice and ice storage, atmosphere preservation rooms, hallways and platforms. Refrigeration compressor room and equipment room including refrigeration compressor room, equipment room and change, distribution room.

Production process space, including slaughter plant, finishing workshop, processing workshops and other workshops. Office, living space, including office buildings, clinics, staff quarters, clubs, nurseries, toilets, bathrooms, canteens and so on. Others include various warehouses and fences, entrances and exits. This time, we intend to build a processing capacity of 30 tons / day, cooling room capacity of 300 tons of cooling room, slaughtering local sheep for cold processing. Cold storage of the relevant specifications and layout of the need for a reasonable consideration, the following we will make further introduction. Cooling program to determine the selection of cooling equipment, the design of system piping, as well as the layout of the various workstations.