The Design of Industrial Warehouse

Update:29 Nov 2017

It is often advantageous to install multiple installati […]

It is often advantageous to install multiple installations and divide by productivity. In this case, white shifts can be fully installed, but at night, on weekends and holidays, this is a rather small car. This saves operating system time and increases the reliability of the cooling system.

The main task is to choose the refrigerant pump will affect the following factors: the distance from the industrial refrigerator to the consumer location, the diameter of the pipe, and the need to lift this very fluid at any height.

The system can also be a complete cooling device. If the production downtime cost and equipment costs are equivalent, it is recommended to do. In this case, the installer places the electronic control unit in an electronic control unit that automatically adjusts the operation of the refrigerator so that the time is the same.

The best level of industrial refrigeration is achieved when work is done throughout the entire shift. This requires selecting the refrigeration unit so that it barely covers the maximum heat flux. In addition to precisely selecting the productivity of the device, different ways to reduce the transmit frequency can also be considered. One way to do this is to increase the thermal inertia of the circulating water system by introducing a system capacity, which will act as a "cold battery" and will increase the time between starts.

When refrigerated warehouse select heat from coolant, it is necessary to consume the heat somewhere, which is easier to say "throw." The amount of heat released can be very large depending on the capacity of the installation itself.