The Composition Refrigerated Cold Room

Update:18 Dec 2017

Cold storage mainly by the library, refrigeration syste […]

Cold storage mainly by the library, refrigeration systems, cooling systems, control systems and auxiliary systems composed of several parts.

Library: The main guarantee storage and the outside world insulation, Dianchao, and separate the various working areas, for a large cold storage room with cold, pre-cooling, freezing, refrigeration, ice, wear Tong, and so on. For large-scale cold storage, civil cold storehouses are adopted. For cold storehouses and cold stores with temperatures lower than -30 ℃, assembled cold storehouses are usually assembled with steel frames and lightweight prefabricated polyurethane or polystyrene sandwich panels For household small refrigerator or refrigerator just use die-casting polyurethane filled insulation box.

Refrigeration system: mainly used to provide cold storage capacity, to ensure the temperature and humidity inside the storehouse. According to the different refrigerated cold room temperature, refrigeration system is also different, usually refrigerated cold room temperature is higher than -30 ℃, the use of single-stage compression refrigeration system; refrigerated cold room temperature below -30 ℃, higher than -60 ℃, the use of two-stage compression refrigeration system or complex Stack refrigeration system; cold storage temperature below -80 ℃ generally use Cascade refrigeration system.

Cooling system: mainly used to cool the cooling system cooling. Air cooling system, the cooling system directly using air cooling, it has a simple system, easy to operate, suitable for water shortage areas and small refrigerated cold room. Water cooling system is mainly composed of cooling tower, water pump and cooling water pipe. It has good cooling effect, but the system is complicated and troublesome. It is required that the cooling water system should be cleaned regularly to ensure the heat transfer effect of the cooling water system and cooling Most water systems are used for large cold stores.

Control system: The main control of the refrigerator temperature and humidity and refrigeration systems, cooling systems and other control to ensure safe cold storage, normal operation. With the development of technology, computer and network technology have been gradually applied to the control of cold storage.

Auxiliary system: Including cold storage room, room, etc., for the large cold storage but also power plant, power distribution room, boiler room, laboratory, pump room, warehouse, water treatment and other places.

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