The cold storage temperature can't drop

Update:22 Feb 2021

There are many possible reasons why the temperature of […]

There are many possible reasons why the temperature of fresh-keeping cold storage can't drop down. We can teach you how to find the right method, suit the remedy to the case, and reduce the unnecessary loss in time.

1. The power shortage caused by compressor wear can not reach the required efficiency of cold storage
This kind of problem usually occurs after a period of time, which is also a common problem for refrigerators that have been used for a long time.
We can roughly observe the suction and discharge pressure of the compressor, roughly judge the refrigeration capacity of the compressor to judge whether there is such a problem
If any abnormality is found, the qualified friends should replace the cylinder liner, piston ring and other parts at the first time. If the problem still can not be solved, it is necessary to consider dismantling the machine for maintenance. In this case, the equipment after-sales service should be contacted in time to deal with it in time.

2. There are leakage points in the equipment, resulting in insufficient refrigerant

This is also a better way to check. If there is no leakage and the refrigerant is insufficient, then we can supplement it in time.
If it is found that the problem disappears after the supplement, but the problem reappears quickly, then we need to check whether the equipment has leakage in time.
Focus on the inspection of the pipeline, valve connection, check the leakage part, repair in time, and then fill in enough refrigerant.

3. The evaporator has too much frost, or there is too much refrigerant oil and air
It is better that the frosting on the evaporator is less than 3mm. If the frosting is too thick, the heat transfer efficiency will be poor. There is a certain heat transfer temperature difference between the evaporator and the cold storage, and the refrigerant can not absorb enough heat in the evaporator to vaporize,
It will also lead to the situation that the temperature of the cold storage can not drop down, so we need to defrost in time
The other is that there is too much refrigerant oil and air in the evaporator, which can be checked and solved in time.




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