The Brief Introduction to the Principle of Vapor Refrigerated Cold Room

Update:19 Jan 2018

Refrigerated cold room has now covered all fields of in […]

Refrigerated cold room has now covered all fields of industry, agriculture, national defense, health care, construction engineering, bioengineering, space development, micro-electronics and other high-end sophisticated technology and people's lives. Household refrigerators, air conditioners bring convenience and comfort to our lives while also improving the quality of our lives. With the development of science and technology, social progress and continuous improvement of people's living standards, the application of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment covers almost all aspects of production and life.

A large number of specialized technical personnel are required to operate and maintain refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, especially in our country. After the tide, the demand for advanced technical personnel in the installation, maintenance and management of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in society has also been increasing. In order to meet this demand, we must accelerate the training of application-oriented senior technical personnel in refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Vapor refrigeration system is the use of certain low-boiling liquid refrigerant vaporization at different pressures, the endothermic properties of people to achieve In the refrigeration technology, evaporation refers to the liquid refrigerant reaches boiling when it becomes gaseous process. Liquid into a gaseous state must be absorbed from the outside to achieve thermal energy, it is the endothermic process, liquid refrigerant vaporization temperature is called evaporating temperature, condensation refers to the steam is cooled to equal or below the saturation temperature, the steam into liquid. In our daily life, we can observe many phenomena of evaporation endotherm. For example, we rub some alcohol in our hands and the alcohol evaporates very quickly. At this moment we feel that the rubbing alcohol partially reacts coldly. Another example is the commonly used refrigerant system Freon F-12 liquid sprayed on the object, we will see the object surface quickly with a layer of frost, it is because the F-12 liquid sprayed onto the surface of the object immediately absorb heat, the object Surface temperature drops rapidly (of course, this is not practical cooling method, refrigerant F-12 can not be recycled and recycled).

At present, some medical institutions using the cryotherapy is the use of this principle. Vapor compression refrigeration system is the use of liquid refrigerant vaporization heat absorption, heat condensation steam condensation principle of refrigeration.