Summary of daily maintenance plan for large cold storage

Update:08 May 2020

1、 Daily management after installation of cold storage( […]

1、 Daily management after installation of cold storage
(1) It is strictly prohibited to place contaminated and peculiar smell articles around the cold store. At the end of business every day, the surrounding environment of the cold store must be cleaned, disinfected and locked.
(2) The ice and frost in the cold storage shall be thoroughly cleaned every week. Note: only dry mop and cloth can be used for cleaning. It is strictly forbidden to use water to clean the storage board and ground.
(3) The ground and warehouse of the cold storage shall be cleaned and disinfected comprehensively every month by the following methods:
Empty the inventory and turn off the cold storage power.
Mix the detergent and water according to the proportion, wash away the oil stain in the warehouse, and pass the clean water again.
Spray the ground and all around evenly with disinfectant water with effective chlorine more than 400ppm (Note: ppm is 10-6). Wipe the disinfectant clean after three minutes.
The refrigerator can be put into use again only after the fan is turned on and the water is dried.
(4) It is forbidden to switch on and off at will to adjust the temperature of the cold storage.
(5) In and out of the cold store, the door shall be closed at will to avoid air-conditioner leakage. When leaving the cold store, the lighting power supply in the cold store shall be closed.
(6) Strictly control the temperature of cold storage and reduce the temperature fluctuation. Under normal circumstances, the temperature in the warehouse is stable below - 100C, and the temperature fluctuation shall not exceed 30C when the goods enter and leave the warehouse: the temperature in the warehouse shall be checked every two hours during the business period, and recorded on the temperature registration card. In case of any abnormality in the operation (for example, the temperature record is higher than - 100C three times in a row), the electrician shall be contacted in time for solution.
(7) The base plate in the warehouse shall be cleaned and disinfected once a week, and the plastic box shall be cleaned and disinfected every time it is emptied. After disinfection, the surface of the tools to be put into the cold storage shall not contain water, so as to prevent freezing between goods and goods, between goods and shelves.
(8) When working in the warehouse, it is strictly prohibited to knock and drill on the board and ground of the cold storage, and it is strictly prohibited to use hard objects to collide with the warehouse body.
(9) In case of power failure or problems of refrigeration equipment, the frequency of entering the cold storage shall be minimized, and the sign of "do not use" shall be hung on the door.

2、 Prevent peculiar smell in cold storage
Foods that are refrigerated in refrigerated warehouses must be inspected, and those that are not deteriorated can be put into storage.
There shall be no peculiar smell in the cold storage before purchase. If there is peculiar smell, it must be treated by technology and can be used only after the peculiar smell is eliminated.
Generally, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the refrigeration equipment. It is strictly prohibited to dump and unload, so as to avoid damaging the pipeline and causing refrigerant leakage. The design of defrosting water system refers to the process design of using water to remove and discharge the frost on the evaporator in the cold storage.
3、 Defrosting of cold storage water
The control of "water" the common water of 15-25 ℃ is usually used for frost washing in cold storage.
In the ultra-low temperature cold storage, a certain amount of glycol is added into the water to reduce the freezing point of the water solution.
The temperature of aqueous solution is - 5 ~ 5 ℃. In the process of defrosting, water constantly enters into the solution, and the concentration of the aqueous solution keeps decreasing, which causes the freezing point to rise, while the water temperature also keeps decreasing, which affects the normal process of defrosting.
In order to maintain the concentration and temperature of the water solution, it is necessary to set a brine concentrator to remove the excessive moisture in the water solution, and at the same time, add electric heating wire in the pool to improve the water temperature of the source water.