Structure of Refrigerated Cold Room

Update:13 Dec 2017

Refrigerated cold room is a low-temperature enclosed wa […]

Refrigerated cold room is a low-temperature enclosed warehouse constructed of thermal insulation materials. All thermal insulation materials have relative moisture absorption. However, once the thermal insulation material absorbs moisture, its heat transfer coefficient will increase drastically. In addition, moisture may freeze and Not up to the original insulation effect, many long-term disrepair of cold storage is like this. In the construction of a cold storage, starting from the foundation, we must strictly follow the construction of cold storage, many users do not pay attention to the ground moisture barrier, such as the construction of many fruits and vegetables cold storage, in addition to air conditioning will do moisture barrier Many cold wind library is a simple foundation, insulation and so on.

In fact, the apple storehouse, for example, in the cold storage process, in order to ensure the relative humidity within the reservoir, the ground is a long-term water, imagine if there is no good vapor barrier, the floor insulation will be very Quickly lose its effect, this change is often easily overlooked, in order to maintain the temperature, our machines only open frequently, the power consumption also increased. This can be seen everywhere in real life, some owners of cold storage complain about electricity, and some always think that their own machine is not good, in fact, at this time, the cold storage has reached the design temperature, and the compressor is not related. Only cold storage temperature rise quickly, the same a small cold storage, and some 5,6 hours before a machine, and up to an hour on the boot.

Another measure of the construction process is the civil engineering and insulation of the walls. In this process, our engineering companies should also pay attention to the cooperation with civil works. The traditional practice of civil engineering works is to smear the roof first in the house, Often will delay our insulation and installation work, because of the particularity of cold storage, after the roof is covered for a long time will not dry out, a direct impact on the next step. Therefore, an experienced installation company will tell customers in advance, so that customers on the construction side of the civil construction organization to change.