Status Quo of Zhaoxue Refrigerated Cold Room In Modern China

Update:29 Jan 2018

In China, the annual production of perishable food is a […]

In China, the annual production of perishable food is as high as 1 billion tons. A considerable part of it has to be preserved by cold chain logistics to maintain its freshness and quality. As a major part of the cold chain logistics, Zhaoxue Refrigerated Cold Room has been developed over the years. Since the liberation of China, about 30,000 tons of storage capacity has been developed to 9 million tons so far. However, the per capita possession of refrigerated cold room volume is still not far behind that of the developed countries. The annual corrupt consumption is staggering. Since entering the new century, especially after China's accession to the WTO, China's refrigerated cold room has made new progress.

The national "Eleventh Five-year" development plan has set new requirements for the development of modern service industry and energy conservation and environmental protection. In the future, the construction of refrigerated cold room in our country should be adhered to Scientific concept of development, according to the requirements of modern logistics, to ensure food safety as a criterion, emphasis on energy saving and environmental protection in order to make our country's refrigeration industry to be sustainable development.

Since the seventies of last century, the capacity of refrigerated cold room has been growing rapidly throughout the country. By the end of 2002, the total capacity of refrigerated cold room in the country had exceeded 7 million tons, of which the capacity of refrigerated cold room of livestock meat was 4 million tons / time (Statistics of China Meat Association ), 1.27 million tons of aquatic refrigerated cold room / time (China Year of China Fisheries Almanac 2002), the country's supply and marketing system of refrigerated cold room of fruits and vegetables 900,000 tons.

In addition, foreign trade, light industry systems and foreign investment, Hong Kong, Taiwan and private enterprises also have a considerable number of various types of refrigerated cold room. By 2006, China's cold storage capacity of about 8.8 million tons (China Institute of Refrigeration data), folded into a volume of about 38 million cubic meters, of which about 1.6 million tons of refrigerators cold storage.