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Update:13 Jul 2021

The performance of a broken refrigerator condenser is a […]

The performance of a broken refrigerator condenser is as follows:
1. The condenser makes a vibrating sound.
The trembling sound emitted by the condenser generally occurs on the louvered condenser. This is because the condenser squeezes the cooling tube on the louvered flat fin to form a system, but it is in the operation process. In this case, the smoothness of the combination between the radiating fin and the cooling tube is often reduced, resulting in a softening phenomenon.
Solution: Turn off the power of the refrigerator, stop the operation of the refrigerator, and then drop the glue (sticky gel) on the loose part of the cooling pipe and the heat sink. After drying, start the refrigerator again, and there will be no noise.
2. The condenser of the refrigerator is hot.
The condenser of the refrigerator is used to dissipate heat. If the condenser is working, its surrounding temperature will rise. There are currently two important design methods for the condenser. One is to hang it in front of the refrigerator. This method is often seen in the later stages. The other is to hide the condenser on both sides of the refrigerator. This is a relatively new way to make the refrigerator more durable and reduce the condensation of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator starts to cool, the condenser starts to dissipate heat, and if the refrigerator stops, the cooling stops, and the temperature of the condenser gradually decreases. Therefore, when you encounter this situation, you panic. This is a stable phenomenon when the condenser is working. Therefore, you all care about it.
3. Blockage in the condenser.
The most difficult places for the refrigerator to be blocked are usually the moisture filter and capillary tube. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to have a blockage in the condenser. Perhaps it is by no means that it is impossible to appear. The diameter of the condenser's conveying pipe It is narrow, the flow of refrigerant is slow, and some dirt will remain on the pipe wall. Therefore, the design of the pipe is careful enough. The resistance of the condenser pipe is so small that it may also cause blockage.
Solution: Check the capillary tube and filter first during the maintenance process. If you confirm that there is no problem, you can turn the refrigerator upside down to blow out the oil in the tube, or indirectly blow it through with nitrogen.