Share the reasons and solutions for the icing of the air conditioner condenser

Update:24 Jun 2021

When household air conditioners are used for cooling, t […]

When household air conditioners are used for cooling, the heat exchanger (also called heat exchanger) in the outdoor unit is called a condenser, so the heat exchanger in the indoor unit is called an evaporator. The heat absorption process of the condenser converts the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous Freon into a low-temperature and high-pressure liquid Freon by exchanging heat with the air outside.

Air conditioning condenser icing is the cause and solution

1. The air conditioner may have too much air volume, and the cooling capacity of the air conditioner must not be blown out immediately. The temperature of the internal unit will become higher and higher after the start-up, and eventually it will freeze. Check if the filter is blocked by dust, please clean the internal filter as soon as possible.

2. If the air conditioner is frozen in half of the place and half of the place is not hot, then it is appreciated that the refrigerant is difficult or the air-conditioning pipe is blocked (also called the half-blocked state). The entire cold capacity accumulates in the back half of the evaporator, leading to icing.

3. There is another situation, that is, the internal and external units of your air conditioner never match. The external unit is large and the internal unit is large, so that the internal unit will freeze.

4. The most likely cause is that the leakage of ice seeds leads to excessive evaporation and icing. It is recommended to indirectly add ice, or use a fluoride meter to measure the pressure at the high pressure end, and then deal with it as the case may be.

The accurate method of air conditioning cleaning

1. Cleaning of shell and filter

When cleaning, first wipe the air conditioner case with a rag, then open the case, remove the filter, use a clean filter brush to clean most of the dirt attached to the filter, and then put the filter on Soak in warm water for a while, and finally rinse the filter several times with running tap water, gradually moisten it with a clean cloth, then put the cleaned filter back to the outside of the air conditioner, and close the air conditioner shell. Note that the water temperature during cleaning should not exceed 50°C, and you should never use detergent, detergent, gasoline, banana water, etc., to prevent the filter from deforming; in addition, you should use a sponge to disinfect, because it will damage the surface of the dust filter.

2. Cleaning of the evaporator

The evaporator is also known as the cold heat exchanger. When the air conditioner is working, the evaporator takes away the hot air in the room, and in addition sends the cold air in. Although the evaporator is protected by a filter, 80% of the dust will pass through the filter and stick to the dry evaporator. These places are the most difficult to breed bacteria and mites, and affect the stable operation of the air conditioner, so it is the part of the air conditioner that needs to be cleaned on a trial basis.

At present, there are special evaporator cleaners on the market. After the cleaner is shaken evenly during use, it is evenly sprayed on the air inlet surface of the air conditioner evaporator. If there is too much dirt, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth and rinse again with a little water . However, please note that the evaporator needs to be wiped dry after cleaning.

3. Cleaning of the condenser

The external machine usually never needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and it is difficult to disassemble and clean, which can lead to mechanical failure and fluorine leakage. The fin-shaped aluminum foil heat sink of the outdoor unit can be indirectly washed and cleaned with both sides of the tap water pipe, or with a short-bristled brush dipped in water and scrubbed. The condenser is installed between the compressor exhaust port and the electronic expansion valve. The high-temperature and high-pressure gas discharged from the air-conditioning compressor enters the condenser, and is cooled by heat dissipation through copper pipes and aluminum foils. If dirt accumulates here, it will affect the stable operation of Freon and various components. At present, there are special condenser cleaners on the market, which can be used indirectly after buying them. Perhaps, the condenser can also be indirectly flushed with a tap water pipe, or with a short-bristled brush dipped in water and scrubbed clean.

4. Cleaning of air outlet and roller

An idle air conditioner is very difficult to accumulate dirt on the air outlet and the roller, and sometimes it blocks the air outlet, especially there are many grooves and gaps on the roller. If it is blocked, it will affect the air output and it is difficult to breed mold. To clean these two places, you must use a brush to brush. At present, there is a professional uniform air conditioner cleaning cover on the market. After covering this cover, use the high-pressure water gun to rinse again, and it can be cleaned and cleaned intuitively and completely.

5. Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioner radiator

Many people mistakenly believe that the air conditioner's pollution is on its filter. Therefore, even if there is the habit of disinfecting the air conditioner, it is nothing more than washing the filter. However, the real source of air conditioner pollution lies in the core component of the air conditioner-the heat sink. According to the investigation of household air conditioners by relevant departments, 80% of the total number of bacteria in the air conditioner radiator exceeded the limit, and the slightest excess was as low as 1,000 times. In addition, a large number of Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella, and spores can also be detected. Bacillus, influenza virus, etc., so serious and complete cleaning and disinfection of the radiator is essential.

Air-conditioning condenser is the guarantee of air-conditioning refrigeration. However, many friends will find that the cooling effect of the air conditioner will deteriorate after the air conditioner is used for a long time. This is caused by a problem with the condenser of the air conditioner. Therefore, when you use the air conditioner, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the air conditioner condenser. You can clean the air conditioner condenser when you don't use it. And to be cleaned accurately. In addition, everyone has to check and maintain the air conditioner every year. If something goes wrong, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.