Several Steps of Design China Cold Room

Update:14 Jun 2017

According to the natura of use, cold storage can be div […]

According to the natura of use, cold storage can be divided into distributed cold room, retailed cold room and productive cold room. Productive cold room is built in the region that has concentrated supply of goods, convenient transportation and close distance to market. Cold storage is better built in the shade that has no sunshine and has frequent hot wind. Small cold room should better be built inside of building. Cold storage should have good drainage conditions around. The underground water level should be low. It is better to have interlayer below and it is best to keep it well ventilated because dryness is important for cold storage. Before construction, cold room should be set up with corresponding three-phase electric capacity according to the machinery power. If the cold room adopts water colling methods, water pipes should be laid and cooling tower should be assembles as well.

The size of the cold room should be determined by the highest annual deposit. The capacity is calculated based on the occupancy of the storage product, the distance between the walkway, the ceiling and the pile and the wall, and the packing gap. After the cold storage capacity is determined, the length and height of the cold compartment should be determined. Should be in the cold room design to consider the necessary ancillary buildings and facilities, such as the studio, packaging room, tool room, loading and unloading room. The cold storage temperature should be designed according to the actual storage product and relative humidity in order to ensure food quality.

Selection of refrigerated insulation materials should be adjusted according to local conditions. The material not only has good thermal insulation, but also economical and practical. There are several types of refrigerated insulation materials: a fixed shape and size that can be machined to have a fixed length, width and thickness. Depending on the assembly requirements, different panels are available.

In the high temperature cold storage usually choose 10cm thick panel. Low temperature refrigeration and cold storage selection 12cm or 15cm thick plate. Another cold store can be used to spray polyurethane foam. We spray the material directly onto the brick or concrete, and its shape is stable after moisture and heat insulation. Insulation materials include PU and PHB. Pu does not absorb water, but the cost is high. PHB water, less insulation, low cost. The modern structure is being developed to pre-fabricate a cold storage layer and an insulating layer of cold storage and assembled in the field. Its advantages in the construction of convenient, fast, high cost of mobile nuts.

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