Several Design Code of Cold Storage

Update:27 Sep 2017

Cold storage design should meet the technical requireme […]

Cold storage design should meet the technical requirements of food refrigeration and health requirements, to be technologically advanced, economical and reasonable, safe and applicable, to ensure quality. This specification applies to the nominal volume of 500 cubic meters and above new, expansion of food cold storage, does not apply to the cave cold storage, stone arch covered cold storage.

The cooling part of this specification is suitable for refrigeration equipment with ammonia as working fluid. Cold storage design should sum up the practical experience and scientific experiments on the basis of positive and practical use of new technologies, new equipment, new technology and new materials, so that the production process is reasonable, energy conservation, operation and maintenance convenience. In addition to the cold storage design should comply with the provisions of this specification, should still meet the relevant national standards, norms.

For the storage of frozen food or frozen food only, the nominal volume of the refrigerator is the sum of the nominal volume of the whole refrigerator; for the simultaneous storage of frozen food and cooling food cold storage, the table within the nominal volume of frozen food or frozen food cold storage room, respectively Of the sum of the nominal volume.

The same cold storage, such as the simultaneous storage of pigs, cattle, lamb (including poultry), the severity of 400 kg / cubic meter; when only frozen sheep cavity, the heavy by 250 kg / cubic meter, Lamb, the heavy by 330 kg / cubic meter.

The outdoor air temperature should be calculated by the outdoor air conditioning in the summer. The outdoor air relative humidity should be calculated when calculating the minimum total heat resistance of the envelope. ; Open the door heat and cold ventilation heat calculation of the outdoor temperature, should be used in summer ventilation temperature, outdoor relative humidity should be used in summer ventilation to calculate the relative humidity.